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Junior League, JLC, AJLI, Kids in the Kitchen, Recipe, Healthy Recipe, Junior League of Columbia

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Junior League, JLC, AJLI, Kids in the Kitchen, Recipe, Healthy Recipe, Junior League of Columbia

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Junior League, JLC, AJLI, Kids in the Kitchen, Recipe, Healthy Recipe, Junior League of Columbia

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Submitted by: Lorri Unumb, Autism Academy of South Carolina 

South Carolina Autism Academy JLC Community Enrichment GrantMany Major League News readers have worked with, served on boards of, run, or founded nonprofit organizations. Those of you who have known the thrill of winning a grant that can change the course of your organization or significantly enhance the overall delivery of your mission.

The Autism Academy of South Carolina  got to experience such a thrill when it learned that the Junior League of Columbia, as  part of celebrating its 90th year, had awarded the Academy a $90,000 grant! The Autism Academy is using those funds to renovate a  historic gymnasium at its new location in downtown Columbia.

The Autism Academy of South Carolina is a year-round center for children with autism spectrum disorder. The Academy employs an intervention known as Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy. This evidence-based intervention is the best hope for children with autism and, if applied intensively and by properly-trained therapists, can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Part of the ABA-based intervention program at the Autism Academy is a physical exercise program. Many children with disabilities get little, if any, exercise and become physically unhealthy on top of their disabilities. Studies have shown
that children with autism thrive when exercise is incorporated into their daily regimens.

The Autism Academy moved in January into the Eleanor Rice Building at the corner of Bull and Blanding. This building, a former YWCA, includes a wonderful, but totally dilapidated gymnasium/auditorium that is falling deeper into disrepair with each passing year.

The Academy obtained an estimate on renovating the gym of approximately $300,000 and subsequently applied to the JLC for help. The $90,000 grant from the JLC will pay for the first round of work (asbestos removal, roof repair, door replacement, etc.) and will serve as leverage to obtain the remainder of the funds necessary to create a functioning community gymnasium.

Upon completion, the Autism Academy plans to not only use the facility for its own children, but also to organize community basketball leagues involving children with and without disabilities playing together. The gym will also be available for other Columbia-area non-profits looking for auditorium or gymnasium space.

The Autism Academy is forever grateful to the members of the Junior League for helping us realize our dream. Please come visit us at any time during our open hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) and watch us revitalize this historic property!


   Submitted by Stacy Thompson


Over 400 kids and family members joined the JLC at Burton-Pack on September 16th for the first Health & Happy Kids family event of the year. With a focus on fitness, the event featured activities for the kids and a speaker for the parents, followed by a healthy meal for all attendees.


Students set fitness and nutrition goals for the coming year, with an opportunity to win prizes as they complete these goals. Thirty-six JLC volunteers, along with the Healthy & Happy Kids committee members, were on hand for an evening of fun and fitness for the entire family!


Each quarter, Happy & Healthy Kids will host an event at Burton-Pack to include focus areas of healthy eating, dental health/hygiene and literacy. Healthy and Happy Kids seeks to motivate children through hands-on activities while providing education and support to the parents. By including the entire family as well as Burton-Pack teachers, the program hopes to encourage healthy lifestyle choices that will continue well beyond the school year.


Committee Co-Chairs Ashley Jaillette and Brooke Fonder would like to thank all committee members and volunteers that helped make the evening such a success!


Submitted by Kate Whetstone Usry Join the Junior League of Columbia for the annual Leadership Training morning on Saturday, August 23. President Ginny Hairston, along with the Education and Development Committee, wants to kick-off the upcoming League year with our … Continue reading


Our Happy & Healthy Kids committee of the Junior League of Columbia recently partnered with Bradley Elementary school to host a Fall Into Reading event! This literacy-focused event was a success, drawing a crowd of nearly 400 students and parents!

Junior League Provisional members organized and ran an activity fair to entertain students during registration. Prizes were given out and activities included Jenga, a story corner, a photo booth and an obstacle course! While these ladies truly enjoyed brainstorming creative ideas to make this year’s event stand out, they said the best part was seeing the kids and their families laughing and having fun together.

Check out some of the great photos from the October 10th event!

Ashley Jordan, Catherine James & Monica Alston at HHK’s Literacy Event at Bradley Elementary on 10/10/17.

Kisha Johnson & Kaitlyn Salak ran the photo booth during their Provisional Project at Bradley Elementary on 10/10/17

Jescelyn Spitz & Julie Coleman in the “Story Corner” at HHK’s Literacy Event at Bradley Elementary on 10/10/17

Erin Essman & Tamara Denson played Jenga with kids at Bradley Elementary during their Provisional Project at Bradley Elementary on 10/10/17.

The Happy & Healthy Kids Activity Fair was this years provisional project for this Provisional Small Group. (Back row: Jescelyn Spitz, Julie Coleman, Erin Essman, Tamara Denson. Front row: Kisha Johnson, Kaitlyn Salak, Catherine James, Monica Alston, Ashley Jordan.)